Santa Baby Pole Mini-shoot

santa baby pole mini-shoot



Sunday December 9th, 2018

Atlanta Studio


INCLUDES:  One fully edited picture and digital postcard (pictured above); 15 minute time slot





COST: $25 (members) $50(non-members)



WHO: All experience levels welcomed



1. Book your appointment

2. We will send you a document on how to prepare for your shoot and to pick out a pose. You are only allowed to do ONE pose. Pose choices include: basic standing pose, pole sit, or cupid. Please pick the pose that suits your level of ability. We will send out sample shots via email so you can see how each pose looks.

3. Arrive on photoshoot day with hair and make-up done. You can do light touch-ups at the studio.

4. You will pick out your photo immediately after y0ur shoot.


5. Your digital holiday postcard will be sent to you via email (private online gallery) no later than Wednesday December 12

**PLEASE NOTE: Your photoshoot time is 15 minutes but please plan to be at the studio for approximately one hour.**

reserve your spot now

  1. Click on calendar below, select Sunday December 9th, and hit “search”

  2. Select your preferred time and pay

  3. Check your email for your appointment confirmation receipt. If you do not receive a receipt please email immediately