New Students

all women....  all ages...all sizes

WE LOVE beginners


no dance experience needed, no 8 counts, just slow and sensual movement tailored to your body


When you walk into class and see these amazing women at the top of the poles, flipping on a aerial hoop,doing a hot chair dance, wrapping up in silks or working the floor like a pro, don't be scared!! We were all “dance virgins” at one point as well. Ever wanted to try something a little different, develop your core strength or amaze your friends? Pole, Lyra (Aerial Hoop), Aerial Silks/Sling and Sensual dance offers all this and so much more. Taught in a friendly, constructive and safe environment, PoleLaTeaz has been offering classes in the Atlanta area for 14 years. Come join the fun and find that inner vixen that is dying to come out!

We offer dance based and conditioning classes as well.




We recommend starting your "teaz" adventure with one of the following classes, which are all perfectly suitable for beginners - no experience needed! 

Intro To Pole

Intro To Chair

Intro To Sexify

Intro To Lyra

Intro To Sky Barre

Intro To Silks Dance

Sky Barre 101

Sultry Pole Beginners
Sultry Chair



Fishnets & Lipstick Lyra
Level 1 Pole Dance Progressive Series

Beginner 1 Lyra Progressive Series

*Please read descriptions for classes before signing up that way you know what to expect


We also encourage our clients to cross-train on the classes below to give your body a well balanced workout and experience.

*Sky Barre 101
*Hard C.O.R.E.
*Sky Dive


One Month Unlimited Drop In classes for $40. Includes all drop in classes. Does not include 8 week progessiver series. Unfortunately, this offer is not valid if you are a registered student and have taken classes at PoleLaTeaz in the past. You can take advantage of this offer only once and only if you are a new student and a local resident.



You have 2 options: PAY AS YOU GO or a TEAZ MEMBERSHIP.


We have various drop in packages to choose from if you have an unpredictable schedule and need flexibility.


Looking to come into the studio 2-4 times a week? Want to see some major results? Then a Teaz Membership is for you. Memberships start off at only $79 per month.








beginner faq

Do you offer exotic dance classes without the pole?

Yes! 50% of the classes we offer are non-pole classes. We truly believe that sensual dance is a challenging but fun workout on its own. We have many students who only take our sensual dance classes.



Absolutely not!  We rarely teach count based choreography. For our dance classes we use "loose choreography" which allows women to dance in a way that suits them. This stays true to the authentic exotic dance style of movement. 99% of our student base are non experienced dancers. We also offer  pole tricks based classes and fitness/strength training classes as well. We have something for everyone!


What should I wear to classes?

For pole classes please wear a form fitting top/sports bra and shorts. Skin is important for sticking to the pole for certain moves. For any non-pole classes please wear a form fitting top and capris or leggings . Knee pads are encouraged for some classes. Please make sure to read the description of the class on the class calendar to verify clothing suggestions.


What should I NOT wear to Pole Dancing classes?

It is VERY important that you do not apply moisturizer, lotion, fake tan, or oil to your skin on the day of the class. They can transfer to the pole, and make it dangerous for you, and anyone else using the same pole. Please remove all rings, watches and bracelets before using the pole. Please make sure to read the description of the class on the class calendar to verify clothing suggestions.


I have no upper body strength. Should I try pole dancing?

Many students come to their first lesson thinking they have weak arms. In your first lesson you'll be given some basic strengthening exercises to help with this, but the best thing you can do to improve your upper body strength is Pole Dancing! Just by trying the moves, you'll be training those muscles up - you'll notice an improvement in just a matter of weeks! Or you can try many of our non-pole classes to build up strength that way. The choice is yours!


I'm really nervous about attending my first class!

It's normal to be nervous, but there's really no need to be. Everyone had to be a beginner at some point! Everyone in the class is there for the same reason …to dance, workout, and have fun!


Can I come and watch a class before I book?

No. PoleLaTeaz does not allow spectators in the weekly classes. This is for the comfort of the current students. Try to sign up for an intro pole class, with a friend! We offer this class usually every Friday. But any drop in class is a great place to start. No time like the present!


I am pregnant, can I still participate?

You may only participate with written authorization from your doctor. Up to 4 months only. No aerial classes.


How do I register for a classes?

To register for classes,  you must register through our online system or contact our studio at 404-399-3358 to register over the phone. We do take walk-ins but we cannot guarantee you a spot. It is strongly encouraged to pre-register online. Also please make sure to read our Studio policies and guidelines so you are fully aware of our cancellations policies, studio rules, etc…


How old do I have to be to sign up for classes?

You must be 18 or older. We are a female only studio. (The only exception is for private parties)